Getting Stronger

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    By Kent Parker - Posted on 02 May 2016

    This website introduces the concept or Hormetism, which describes

    The application of progressive, intermittent stress to overcome challenges and grow stronger physically, mentally and emotionally

    Essentially this is how the body adapts to any regular stressor.  It can be applied to any stressor on the human body such as:


    • disease inoculation, where antibodies develop in response to attacks 
    • body weight training, where muscles develop in response to weight
    In the case of myopia, it describes how constant short distance viewing causes the focal point to fall behind the retina thus slowly causing the eyeball to elongate.  It also describes how treatment of myopia by reducing corrective lenses and undertaking exercises can reverse the process.  Eye focus is maintained by tiny muscles around the eyeball called cilial muscles.
    Hormetism for treating myopia consists of the following:
    • Practice "print pushing", which involves everyday reading of text at the limit of focus.  The rationale behind this is to to gradually pull the cilial muscles into a different configuration.  When lifting weights one should change weights gradually to get results.  The same with exercising the cilial muscles.  Gradual changes are a must.  Research shows that the eyeball will not attempt to focus on objects that are way out of focus.  In order to stretch the cilial muscles, the object must be no more than slightly out of focus.
    • Use plus lenses.  Once eye strength is above -2.00 diopters, further strengthening can be achieved by using lenses with positive diopter.  This helps to pull the cilial muscles further more effectively.  Print pushing is still required.