End Myopia

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    By Kent Parker - Posted on 02 May 2016

    This is a site run by a Jake Steiner, who allegedly had -5.00 myopia, has since cured it, and helped hundreds of others.  He was a success in the financial field and was able to retire early but was bugged by his acute short sightedness so decided to expend his considerable talent trying to solve the myopia problem.

    Jake refers to near induced transient myopia, which is what occurs after prolonged close eye work: the cilial muscles undergo spasm and lose their former configuration, becoming weak and contributing to elongation of the eyeball.  This in turn can lead to increased risk of retinal detachment.  Elongation of the eyeball naturally leads to thinning and weakening of the retina. 

    Jake offers a seven day course, which, when you sign up to it, offers you a new email each day.  These are all written in a friendly casual manner with a bit of sales talk but offer up advice, case studies and more.

    Measuring Your Prescription

    The site has a page that enables a basic prescription measurement.  It has to be said that this is no substitute for a proper eye examination with an optometrist, but it does provide a tool for managing and improving focal acuity.  The feedback loop is extremely important in any learning process.  If you can see your eyesight improving through 'objective' measurement, then that helps fuel the effort.