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Anger gives you energy

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    By Kent Parker - Posted on 11 March 2016

    Anger gives you energy

    Johnny Rotten, from the 1970's band Sex Pistols wrote a song called "Anger is an Energy".  Those who are familiar with the Sex Pistols might know that they were a rock band that arose in the punk music era which was a genre of music fueled by anger.  The musicians weren't necessarily that musical and the sound was rather rough and loud.  The Sex Pistols were particularly well known for their antics and the high profile suicide of band member, Sid Vicious.  In their raw adolescent state, the Pistols successfully represented the anger of their generation, and in the song "Anger is an Energy", Johnny Rotten touched on its motivational appeal.

    Evolutionary psychologists often describe humans, compared with other creatures as being particularly aggressive.  That is a general feature of carnivores, who need to be aggressive in order to be successful in capturing other creatures, normally herbivores, to provide sustenance.  Of all the human emotions, anger is the one that is most responsible with motivation.  When angry, the body pumps adrenaline and the body is prepared for action.  In that state the body's physical abilities, concentration and focus is far greater than in any other state and the person is able to carry out sustained and strenuous activity targeted at a particular goal.  This has aided humans through the millennia as they evolved from the African plain to the New York stock market.

    Anger gives you energy that you don't have to drag yourself out of bed for.

    All through evolution and to this day, when humans have strived to achieve things they have regularly failed.  Failure usually results in hunger, actual hunger for food, or simply hunger to do better.  That hunger, often leads to anger and the individual strives ardently to do better, overcoming previous odds and finally succeeding.  Alternatively the individual fails yet again and experiences existential loss.  Those individuals who succeed in overcoming the odds prevail over those who fail.  

    Successful people are those who learn to channel their emotions, and the emotion of greatest importance is anger.  It brings with it much greater amounts of energy than any other emotion.  Properly channeled anger does not look like anger at all.  The anger only shows itself, if at all, at the point of frustration when success is foiled.  A person who gets carried away with this frustration may eventually fail, but a person who can rein it in and continue to channel the energy in a positive way may soon succeed.  We all have moments when we imagine ourselves purposely destroying the very thing that we are struggling to make work.  Some people actually give way to their frustrations and end up throwing the dummy out of the cot, so to speak.  Once you have done that, then you fail by your own making, but at least you are in control!