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    Anger gives you energy

    Anger gives you energy

    Johnny Rotten, from the 1970's band Sex Pistols wrote a song called "Anger is an Energy".  Those who are familiar with the Sex Pistols might know that they were a rock band that arose in the punk music era which was a genre of music fueled by anger.  The musicians weren't necessarily that musical and the sound was rather rough and loud.  The Sex Pistols were particularly well known for their antics and the high profile suicide of band member, Sid Vicious.

    Relaxation is a skill

    Relaxation is a skill that can be learnt.  It is not just something that happens when we stop moving, lie on a sofa or get drunk on beer.  Our ability to relax (or not) is the product of the many years of conditioning, environmental influence, chance events and such that we experience from the time we are born.  Our ability to relax is not fixed, it has been learnt, and as such can be unlearnt or relearnt.

    Not in Your Genes: The Real Reasons Children Are Like Their Parents

    A well known (in the UK, anyway) clinical psychologist, Oliver James, has written a book called Not in Your Genes: The Real Reasons Children Are Like Their Parents which reports that in the Human Genome Project there are yet to be discovered any genes responsible for psychological disorders.

    Changing posture to cure Depression

    We learn that depression is a mental illness in that it affects our mind and the way we think.  When we are treated, the treatment usually consists of having a therapist help us to change the way we think and in the short term, take psycho-active medication, which targets the brain, to ease the pain.  The focus is largely on what is perceived to go on inside our head.

    Fixing psychological problems requires changing the way you use your body as well as your mind

    We tend to believe that psychological problems like depression, anxiety, obsession, eating disorders and substance abuse are mental problems and require a solution that involves changing the way we think.  Around this belief has evolved an industry of talking therapies populated by counselors, psychologists, pastors and cognitive behaviorists.  As a first option we suggest to sufferers that they should go talk with someone to help “unburden” themselves of whatever is troubling them.  Treatments are then given based on self-reporting of symptoms and behavioral feedback in resp

    The Oregon shootings and functional competence

    In fifty years time, researchers who look back at the recent Oregon killings will be confounded at the lack of functional competence in our society today.  Chris Harper-Mercer, the shooter in this case was known in the community for unusual behavour and had attended a school for teens with emotional disabilities.


    Welcome to EmotFit blog. All that's new that's EmotFit will happen here.

    I plan to travel round the country and set up this programme wherever there is the demand, training the necessary facilitators and registering interest from the public.  If you haven't already found out, you can register your interest as a participant or a facilitator in a course at SOHTech.